Cross and Boned


Patrick Maybrick’s life in the slums of 19th Century London was cold and brutal. The only light in the darkness his sisters baby boy. But they were starving, and Paddy knew he had to do whatever it took to keep them alive. Too bad life isn’t meant to be fair. Boned on his first night of thievery, Paddy’s dragged behind the squalid walls of Newgate Gaol to await his fate. The sentence could only be one thing for the likes of him—transportation. A four-month journey through purgatory to the hell of Hobart town.

Rough seas, brutal cold and gruelling heat. Starvation, scurvy and desolation. The cruelty of his fellow man, the madness of his own mind. Paddy will face it all on his voyage with only a desperate hope he’ll make it alive to far off shores.

But maybe life isn’t always unfair and cruel. In the fetid cells of Newgate and in the bowels of the convict ship George III, Paddy meets men who will become his family. Men who will sacrifice everything to save themselves and each other. And one man who will make him feel as he’d never thought possible.

Frost fled the Royal Navy and the battle of Navarino a broken man. He went home seeking comfort but found only a nightmare. And when it became more than he could stomach, breaking the gravest commandment had been too easy when he no longer cared whether he lived or died. He expected to find himself at the end of a noose. Instead he’s thrown into Newgate Gaol only to await transportation for the term of his natural life.

He’ll endure the voyage and the days of hard labour because he has no choice and deserves little better. Frost stopped feeling anything a long time ago anyway, his heart as wintry as his name suggests. Life as a convict would be no hardship for him.

But as he’d learned at Navarino, life never goes as one expects. Cold and aloof, he jealously guards his heart against further hurt until one man begins to thaw all he had put up to protect himself. Twice before he’d failed those he loved, but now that Frosts heart beats once more he will not fail again.

Please email me if you have any problems downloading this book. I'm not very tech savvy, but I'm hoping this will work.

Another suspenseful winner from Karrie! I loved the twists and turns and didn't guess the final twist until it was right on top of me!! 

K.R. Phoenix




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