Ten Years ago, Nate Baldwins’ life turned on a dime. One second his future was paved in gold but in the next, his life as he knew it, was irrevocably ruined. Unable to live with his guilt, Nate fled to the red dirt of the unforgiving Australian outback. He spends his days alone, paints and clay his only company. Until one day he finds a stranger stranded in the middle of nowhere. He takes the handsome man home, planning to send him on his way once he recovers from his sunstroke. Nate has no idea his life is about to flip upside down once more.

Aidan Brennan’s life changed the day he lost his parents when he was a baby. That split second in time put Aidan on a path that would eventually lead him to the dangers of the blistering outback sun. Hunted by a vicious enemy, Aidan can’t go back, but with his car as dead as all those he’s loved, he can’t go forward. In the outback, the sun is a killer too and its sights are set on Aidan.

Brought together by fate, bound together by unbearable guilt, can these two men find the redemption they are looking for?

Another suspenseful winner from Karrie! I loved the twists and turns and didn't guess the final twist until it was right on top of me!! 

K.R. Phoenix https://bookstattoosandtea.wordpress.com/




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