Karrie was born and raised in Australia, and though she loves the country, she hates the heat. She was born in Sydney but left eighteen years ago in search of a better life. She is currently living in the sunshine state of Queensland and yes she gets the irony. Her greatest dream is to one day live in the coldest, wettest place that is habitable.

Somehow, she has found herself surrounded by males: her husband, two sons, and the devil cat, who thinks his sweet face will get him out of any trouble. One day soon she is determined to get herself a female dog so she will finally have some backup in her testosterone filled house. She’d also love a ferret if they ever become legal pets in Queensland.

She’s tried her hand at several careers from nursing, to travel consultant, to dog washer and lastly working with children. None of those really stuck and she continues to search for what she’d like to do when she grows up. Her true passion has always been reading though and she is always looking for a way to make a career of sitting around reading all day, drinking tea.

Other than reading, her other passion is travel and she has been lucky enough to do quite a bit of it with her family. They have enjoyed trips to the US, Canada, UK and Europe. Next on her list is Africa and South America. When she finally stood in front of the Pantheon in Rome, she’s not ashamed to say that tears fell.

She finds intolerance intolerable and dreams of one day living in a world of peace and acceptance.

At the insistence of her family, especially her husband, she finally tried her hand at writing. Turns out she has a passion for that too, especially now that she has discovered the world of MM stories. She loves that she is finally able to share with others the romantic, thrilling, brave and hopefully heart-warming stories of two men finding love together.


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