Fall from the Sky

Tom Gale left his family behind years ago and he has no regrets. His dream of flying kept him going after his family turned their backs on him. Sure, he’s been lonely, but he’s worked too hard to become a pilot to worry about the lack of family and friends in his life. His solitary life suited him just fine—until the new people moved in next door.

Oxford Carter ran from his parents years ago after watching their decent into a drug-fuelled horror existence. His one regret was leaving behind his siblings. When he gets a call telling him his parents are dead, he doesn’t hesitate to step in to try to raise his teenage sister and four-year-old twin brothers. He expected—and wanted—to do it alone.

When these two men become neighbours, they soon learn that family doesn’t have to be blood. Family can be the people you choose. But a string of near tragic event threatens everything they’ve come to care about and forces them to face what they fear most.


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