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A leap of faith

So...I am attempting to self publish my next book as a challenge for myself this year. As I approach the ripe old (young) age of fifty, I'm attempting to do things out of my comfort zone that I never would have tried when I was younger. They say with age comes wisdom, and I would add also a certain sense of fearlessness. As I consider trying to publish my own book I've asked myself what could possibly go wrong? I only hope that doesn't bite me in my generous arse.

I've always said (and still maintain) I'm not interested in making money from my writing, which is probably a good thing. If I can give just one person a smile, or an temporary escape from their worries, or something to consider, then colour me happy. If anyone, anywhere reads this blog or my new book, I sincerely hope you enjoy it and, like so many books have done for me, cheer you just a little.



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