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I've built a website!!

Well, I have tried my hardest to avoid the world of technology and social media, but I have lost the battle. I love writing and knowing somewhere out in the big wide world somebody might just find a little joy in my books (and some may not:)) Personally, I have experienced so much happiness from reading and I want to give that to others.

Like most authors, I'm assuming, I don't write for the money. I'd starve if I did. But I would like to reach more people. Hence, I have succumbed to the necessity of joining the online world. My son originally created a website for me as he is a genius at these computer things. However, he's beginning his own career now and his time is precious. So in I jump. Please forgive me if links don't work or I've left something out. This is a work in progress and I am going to try to progress with it.

I sincerely hope reading one of my books brings you a little slice of joy. And if you hate it, that's okay too. What a boring world if we were all the same and enjoyed the same things!!

Talk soon,




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