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Why free?

Updated: Jun 11

I love writing and I love the idea of bringing a smile to someone out there somewhere. What I hate is the pressure of sales. I haven't sold many books and while I'm okay with that I feel badly for all the hard work put in by my editor and publisher. Hence, I attempted to self-publish. No sales pressure, right? Wrong. I found myself, as with my previous books, fretting over sales or the lack thereof.

So, what to do? I am not a marketer or in any way competent at self-promotion. But, I asked myself, if I don't publish my books would I keep writing? Yes, I know I would. However, the joy I get from entertaining someone would be lost. So, I asked myself some more questions: Do I write for money? Oh hell no. Do I need the money? Sure, it'd be nice especially given the current circumstances with both my husband and I stood down due to Covid-19. But given my low sales, I figured I'm really not giving away much if I give my books away and it may just help someone out there in a worse situation.

From my point of view this is a win-win. I get to write, you get to read for free and there is no more sales pressure.

So, enjoy everyone, please. Let others who may be interested know. For the foreseeable future any books I write will be available for free right here.



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